Waste Heat Boiler of CDQ

Waste Heat Boiler of CDQ

Capacity: 2 t/h~ 100 t/h
Design efficiency: 80-82%
Fuel: coking dry quenching flue gas


Coke dry quenching/CDQ waste heat boiler is a main energy saving device used in CDQ device, to cool the recycle gas and generate steam.


Our coke dry quenching waste heat boiler can totally adapt to CDQ system load change, effectively solve the boiler sealing, wear, expansion.
Utilizing the large amounts of waste heat produced by coke quenching to generate steam and electricity, reduce power consumption.
Coke dry quenching adopts the measure that inert gas in a closed loop system, and this can largely reduce the pollutant air emissions.
CDQ waste heat boiler is a main energy-saving equipment, which is applied to dry coke quenching auxiliaries.

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