Vacuum Hot Water Boiler

Vacuum Hot Water Boiler

Boiler capacity: 0.5-6 t/h  0.35MW~ 7MW
Rated work pressure: -0.02MPa
Water temperature: 85℃
Return water temperature: 60℃
Design thermal efficiency:  ≥92%
Design fuel: gas, oil


gas oil fired vacuum hot water  boiler can be used to supply different purpose hot water, like central air conditioning water, sanitary hot water, process hot water; central heating, hotel, hospital, etc.


High safety: boiler operating under vacuum condition, no explosion.
Long service life: no scaling inside vacuum boiler, 1.5 ~ 2 times than common boiler.
High efficiency: three-pass structure, wet-back combustion chamber, ≥92%
Multi-usage: a boiler (also known as hot water unit) can configure multiple heat exchanger, supply hot water of different temperature, different usages.

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