SHL Biomass fired Boiler

SHL Biomass fired Boiler

Type: SHL
Capacity: 6 t/h ~ 75 t/h
Rated steam pressure: 1.25MPa ~ 2.5MPa
Rated steam temperature: 194℃ ~ 400℃
Feed water temperature: 105℃
Design thermal efficiency: 76% ~ 82%
Design fuel: rice husk, bagasse, wood, coconut shell, palm kernel shell, etc.


Thermal Power Plant, Refinery Industry, Chemical Industry, Textile Plant, Paper & Pulp, Food & Beverage, Hotel, Hospital, Mining, etc.


High thermal efficiency, low pollutant emission

Reliable operation, strong overload capacity

Water-cooling arch is utilized to strengthen stability, prolong cycle life

Furnace utilizes membrane water-cooled wall structure

Unique secondary air system, improve fuel suitability & efficiency

Less boiler failures, saving your boiler maintenance cost

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