Tanzania Biomass Boiler for Feed Processing Industry

Project: DZL4-1.25-T biomass boiler
Fuel: wood, coal, combined firing
Application area: feed processing
Project site: Tanzania

boiler for feed factory.jpg

This production line was invested in Tanzania by Tanzania customers who finally chose ZBG’s solution after many comparisons and analyses.
We know that steam is very important energy in feed processing mill, the industrial steam boiler is the very equipment to supply high temperature steam. While ZBG DZL packaged boiler can burn both coal and biomass fuel with a high efficiency. Compact structure and easy installation ensure efficient, clean, economic, safe and stable boiler operation, so it is widely used as an energy-saving and environment-friendly equipment in industry.

boiler for feed mill.jpg

Biomass boiler benefits

1.Renewable Energy Source-- biomass energy is generated from organic material, plant or animal waste, which is burned to provide energy, e.g. heat & electricity.
2.Better for the environment than fossil fuels--the burning of biomass does release carbon dioxide but captures carbon dioxide for its own growth.
3.Less Dependency on Fossil Fuels--using biomass as an alternate source of fuel reduces our dependency on fossil fuels which is better for the planet and more cost effective.
4.Very Easily Available--biomass is cheap and readily available source of energy
5.Reduce Landfills--by burning biomass for energy, we can take waste that is harmful to the environment and turn it into something useful.



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